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Deanna Shorb

Deanna Shorb grew up in Littlestown, Pennsylvania. She earned her BA from West Chester State University in Pennsylvania and CD from the Yale School of Drama. She also attended the Yale Divinity School at Yale University for her Masters of Divinity. Some of Deanna’s hobbies include singing, exercising, refinishing furniture, carpentry, and (most) home improvement projects.

For Deanna, the best parts of Grinnell College are the bright and engaging students, staff, and faculty.

Her main areas of responsibility fall under her role in the Religious and Spiritual Life leadership in the CRSSJ (Center for Religion, Spirituality, and Social Justice). She is also involved in Christian leadership, confidential counseling for students, faculty, and staff, lifecycle events (such as weddings, baptisms, funerals/memorial services), advocacy, co-coordinating and advising the Grinnell Advocates Program, and supervision of the religious life staff.

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